In my blog called In Praise of Cats which I published on my former website, I talked about my beloved cat Prittiwi. I was prompted to do this because, whilst de-cluttering, I had come across a poem I had written about her in 1990. I had just come back to England in 1989 on my retirement from NATO in Brussels, and I had brought her back with me.

My intention was to include me reading this poem on that blog, but I forgot about it, so I have decided to include it here on a new post. I hope you enjoy it.

Published by daphneradenhurst

I was born In Nice, France and now live in Bath, Somerset. I came to England when I was nine. I studied languages at university. I worked abroad for 30 years, Paris and Brussels. I am now retired. I paint, sing and write, and I am now in the process of writing my memoir.

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