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This is a painting which I made of my dear old friend Katie from a photo some time after she had died ten years ago. I came across this piece of writing which I must have written at the time and never published. I feel like doing so now, in her memory.           “Eunice and I…

LOLA – more than a snippet

Now I want to talk about Lola. Lola came as a gift to me, I think, in my later life after Michou died, more than a year ago. I had not intended to get another cat. But then I missed him. I realised how much the presence of a cat meant to me, and so…


I have always maintained that my mother was the Jamie Oliver of her day. I even wrote to Jamie Oliver, not expecting a reply, and of course I didn’t get one. It was in 1955 that the publishers Dennis Dobson published a book called Better Cooking for Large Numbers by Nora Radenhurst. That was my…

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